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Steps to Take If Your Condo Unit Floods

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After Hurricane Harvey in August 2017, insurance companies in Texas prepared for a flood of claims from homeowners whose properties were affected by water damage. Insurers estimated millions of dollars would be paid this year due to the heavy rainfall brought by this hurricane, which doused single-family residences and condos alike.

If you are the owner of a condo in downtown San Diego, you may have a false sense of security regarding flooding. After all, there are not many floodplains in the city, and hurricanes are rare in Southern California, but this does not mean you are completely off the hook. Ruptured pipes and leaks that expand out of control are not unheard of in condo communities, and there is always the unfortunate chance a flood from a neighboring unit or a common area may end up flooding yours.

Cut the Power

Flooding should be treated as an emergency. The first step is to assess the risk of water coming into contact with electrical wiring or appliances. If this is the case, your first action should be to cut off the power from your unit’s breaker panel, but only if it is safe for you to do so. If you notice electrical outlets or light fixtures are wet, stay away from the water and call maintenance personnel immediately to help you cut the power.

Stop the Water Source

Once you have ascertained there is no danger of water and electricity contact, your next step will be to stop the source of flooding if possible. For this reason, it is important to locate the water main for your unit. In cases of broken windows or water coming from neighboring units, you should contact maintenance.

Protect Your Property

If there is standing water in your unit, move quickly to do two things: take photos with your smartphone and remove items from the water to prevent further damage. You’ll want to document the initial damage as much as possible for the next step, which consists of handling insurance matters. Once your items are protected, you can proceed to dry up your unit as much as possible. This may require a trip to an equipment rental store to get shop vacs, carpet cleaners, fans, and dehumidifiers.

File an Insurance Claim

When it comes to insurance, you will appreciate being a member of a condo association. The most basic policies cover damage that originated from your own unit or a common area. If the problem emanated from a maintenance issue, you should be fully covered by the HOA master policy. If a flooded neighboring unit caused damage to your unit, your best bet is to contact your insurance company in case your neighbor is not able or willing to properly file a claim. At any rate, you should consider flood protection coverage the next time you renew your policy.

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