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5 Things to Overlook When Shopping for a Condo

By Mike in Buying Tips with 0 Comments

When shopping for a loft or condo for sale in downtown San Diego, you probably have a list of wants. Ironically, this list could cause you to overlook your dream condo because it doesn’t match the picture of what it needs to look like or it has imperfections like ugly wallpaper. Take a step back from your must-have checklist, and take a look at this list of things everyone should ignore.

1. Outdated Kitchen 

Don’t walk away from a condo because the kitchen features outdated cabinets and lacks stainless appliances. You can replace the appliances, and the cabinets can be revamped by replacing the pulls or knobs on them. You could also simply paint the cabinet doors to change the entire vibe of the kitchen.

2. Ugly Wallpaper 

A room with unattractive wallpaper is no big deal. Wallpaper can easily be covered over or replaced. A coat of new paint is one of the simplest home improvements you can make. Once you change the walls, the room will have a whole new personality.

3. Odor 

You could be walking into your dream condo and not even realize it because there is a funky smell throughout that is distracting you. A deep cleaning that includes steaming any carpets can fix the problem. Try to block out the smell and focus on the perks of the condo instead.

4. Wild Paint Colors 

It’s understandable that walking into a condo or loft for sale in downtown San Diego with purple and red walls could be alarming, but try to look beyond the color choices. Keep your focus on the placement of the windows, the design of the rooms and the overall layout. Paint is a quick and budget-friendly fix in a condo.

5. Ugly Flooring 

Don’t rule out a condo because it has unappealing carpets or flooring. Giving the condo a clean sweep may be all that it needs, and it could make a huge difference. There are also several low-cost flooring options available that can beautifully transform a room.

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