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How to Tell If You Need to Touch Up Your Home’s Paint Job

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate with 0 Comments

If you own real estate in Marina San Diego and haven’t painted the inside of your home in quite some time, you might be noticing a few defects are starting to show. If any of these imperfections are affecting the look of your home, it’s time to touch it up with a fresh coat of paint.


When moisture gets into a home, peeling often begins at the edges of the walls and gradually works its way across the surface. Seeing this is not uncommon, especially for homes without adequate weatherproofing. However, peeling is always a clear indication your home is overdue for a new coat of paint.


Cracks in paint can occur for several reasons. In some cases, damage can begin almost immediately after application, especially if the mixture isn’t given adequate time to harden. If pieces of the paint are pulled away, this can create gaps that start to spread in just a few short years. If you notice any cracks in the walls of your home, having it repaired and repainted immediately is recommended.


Fading is probably the most common issue affecting home paint jobs because it occurs naturally and is inevitable for most homes. Unfortunately, parts of the home exposed to intense and prolonged sunlight, such as those near or across from windows, are most vulnerable to fading. The blame can be leveled at UV rays that break down the paint’s chemical properties, causing it to age more rapidly. You should also keep in mind some areas may show significantly more wear than others.

The frequency of painting a home depends on the materials that comprise it and the type of paint used. Typically, oil-based paints tend to fade and crack more easily than latex. A high-quality paint job with multiple coats can last longer, but inspecting your home every 5 years is a good rule of thumb.

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