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Best Underrated Surf Spots in San Diego

By Mike in Things to Do with 0 Comments

It’s summer in San Diego, and if you just purchased a condo for sale in Downtown San Diego, you will soon learn that means one thing: beach days. Now that you’re a resident of America’s Finest City, don’t wait to pick up a surfboard and dive into the water at these underrated surf spots.

1. Sunset Cliffs

Sunset Cliffs, which is located in Point Loma, can sometimes be a crowded place to surf depending on the time of day you visit. Don’t let that stop you; there are plenty of spots where you can work in. Garbage Beach is one of the most popular and scenic of the surfing spots at the cliffs. Getting down to the beach can be tricky. You will need to navigate down the steep cliffs (carefully!), but there are ropes and stairs to assist you with the climb.

The paddle-out is easy from Garbage Beach, and the wind is hardly ever an issue there. Be cautious of rip currents and powerful waves, though, and avoid low tide here.

2. Coronado Island

Coronado Island has one of the best southern swells in San Diego due to the fact that it is one of the few places facing due south. Surfing at Coronado is best when the tide is high, or rising. You will see groundswells more often than windswells, mostly coming from the southwest. The beach is often empty and open for those to enjoy.

Coronado is also home to Coronado Surfing Academy, a school that will give private, semi-private, or group lessons to those who want to learn how to surf.

3. Ponto

Ponto can be found in Carlsbad just off of Ponto Road. This exposed beach break is a part of South Carlsbad State Beach. The sand on the shore is white, the water is clear and clean, and best of all the surf stay consistent throughout the year. The beach can become crowded when the conditions are ideal. Being a beach break, the waves can come from both the right and left hand sides.

The park also offers easy parking, public restrooms, and showers. Volleyball courts are set up for public enjoyment as well.

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