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Why East Village Condos Are Such a Great Investment

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate|Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market Analysis|February 2013 with 0 Comments


The East Village Neighborhood is one of the newest and most unique additions to the Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market. It is the largest and most diverse of the 7 core Downtown San Diego neighborhoods. East Village Lofts and East Village Condos are some of the most desired and valuable residential living options in Downtown. Prior to 2007, you would have either seen construction cranes in the sky, or run down warehouses and a transitional neighborhood. Historically, the East Village was not a desirable neighborhood to live. However…the construction boom of the early 2000’s put an end to that.  Currently, the East Village in Downtown San Diego is home to over 10,000 residents and 700 businesses.

One of the main draws to living in the East Village is it’s access to public infrastructure.  In real estate terms public infrastructure is what gives a neighborhood it’s value in terms of: Location, Location, Location. Home to Petco Park, The San Diego Library, the Pedestrian Bridge, and several businesses and the walking business corridors (Broadway, Market Street, 10 Ave, G Street, and J Street), there is always somewhere to go within a 6 or 7 block walking radius. A walk down J Street will put you in the Gaslamp in only 4 or 5 blocks.  A walk across the Pedestrian Bridge allows access to promenades and open park space along the San Diego Bay.

One of the best resources to find information about local business and calendar events is from the East Village Association Website. The East Village Association is the nonprofit resource that manages the East Village BID (Business Improvement District). Thru branding, marketing, and business/resident participation, the East Village Association’s mission statement is:  “To support and promote East Village Business by establishing our community as San Diego’s Livable urban Village”.

Options for East Village Condos, and East Village Lofts, are as diverse as the residents who occupy them. The neighborhood is comprised of a mix of Mid-rises, luxury high-rises, and modern urban Loft Complexes. Many of Downtown San Diego’s most popular complexes are represented in the neighborhood, including: M2i, Alta, The Mark, Park Terrace, ICON, Fahrenheit, Metrome, and The Legend. ')}