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4 Reasons for Homeowners to Get a Home Warranty

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If you own one or more penthouses, lofts, or condos, Columbia District real estate experts recommend at least looking into the benefits of having a home warranty. These types of policies can be a great failsafe for certain issues that occur at your home but are not covered by your homeowners insurance policy. Here are 4 reasons to consider getting a home warranty.

1. The Coverage

Home warranty coverage is flexible. Most home warranty providers come with bundled coverage and add-on options to cover specific situations, which may include appliance breakdown, electrical repair, and plumbing issues. Simply select the coverage that’s right for you. Some companies provide only add-ons so customers can create a unique bundle package. Regardless, expect a policy filled with coverage that suits your needs.

2. Good Customer Service

To address your concerns and resolve them in a timely manner takes skill, and a home warranty provider’s customer service department is prepared for all situations at all hours of the day. Resolve disputes in a timely manner using various contact resources (phone, email, live chat, etc.). Read FAQs and online forums. Information for all concerns is at your disposal.

3. The Wide Network of Contractors

Stop flipping through the Yellow Pages and trust your home warranty provider with their network of professionals. Home warranty providers make sure licensed and experienced contractors, plumbers, electricians, HVAC specialists, and miscellaneous specialists can all be found in your coverage area. Whether these professionals are in-house or third-party, they come to your home, resolve the issue on-site, and leave in a timely manner.

4. Peace of Mind

Whether it’s through work, finances, family, school, hospital, the car, retirement, or some other issue, life is always throwing curve balls. Homeowners can’t juggle too many problems at once, so it can be stressful to hear about appliance failure and plumbing issues on top of life’s daily concerns. With one call, you can cross the problem off your list and focus on what matters: managing everyday life.

Home warranties can be useful, but they are certainly not required. However, any prospective home buyer should make sure they choose a living space that meets their tastes. If you’re looking for a property in Columbia District San Diego, real estate experts at 92101 Urban Living can help you find a home you’re sure to love. Give us a call today at 619-649-0368 to set up an appointment. ')}