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4 Reasons to Consider Granite Counters for the Kitchen

By Mike in Miscellaneous with 0 Comments

There are many options today when it comes to kitchen countertops. While every material has its own appeal, there’s nothing like granite. Natural stone countertops are always in high demand because of their timeless beauty and unrivaled durability. If you’ve just purchased downtown San Diego real estate for sale, here are four good reasons to choose granite for your new kitchen countertops.

1. Huge Variety of Options

When you install granite, your kitchen will be unlike any other. Granite can be very neutral or bold and eye-catching. Every slab of granite is unique with its own colors and patterns. While there are popular types of granite such as Uba Tuba and New Venetian Gold, each slab still has its own personality. You may prefer speckled granite with a busy pattern or granite with elegant veining and little speckling. Some granite looks almost completely solid in color, while other types feature an array of colors. Along with choosing from many colors and patterns, you can also choose the finish that best fits your personality and style. The most popular finish for kitchens is polished, which has a smooth mirror-like finish. A honed finish creates a smooth surface without any reflection for a matte effect. Leathered granite has a river-washed look that resembles leather without any shine.

2. Better Home Value

Granite countertops are at the top of many homebuyers’ lists. Granite never goes out of style, and it’s always in demand among buyers of all ages. Kitchen remodeling projects also offer a high return on investment. When you install granite in your kitchen, you can be sure it will make your home more attractive when you’re ready to sell. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen and you’re concerned about the home’s resale value, granite is a safe choice.

3. Durable and Long-Lasting

Granite countertops can last as long as a home if they’re properly taken care of, and they’re hard to chip, break, or scratch. In most cases, granite countertops can even resist damage from hot pots and pans. Because granite countertops can only be scratched by materials harder than the stone itself, the stone won’t be damaged by chopping and cutting, although it will dull kitchen knives.

4. Easy Maintenance

Despite popular misconception, granite isn’t difficult to maintain. As long as you wipe up spills right away and clean and seal the surface with stone-safe products, granite countertops can last a lifetime. Dark-colored granite can be very stain-resistant on its own, although most stains from food and drink can be lifted with minimal effort. The primary thing to avoid with granite is acidic cleaning products and foods that, if allowed to sit on the surface, can cause damage over time.

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