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5 Reasons Millennials Are Purchasing Downtown San Diego Real Estate

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments

More and more millennials in San Diego are beginning to shop for homes, and their unique real estate preferences are starting to change the real estate market. People within this age range tend to prioritize affordable properties in appealing neighborhoods over giant suburban homes. Downtown San Diego has many features that make it an ideal area for millennials to finally settle down. Here are a few of the top reasons millennials should consider condos, penthouses, and lofts in downtown San Diego.

1. Accessibility to Jobs

Millennials are far more likely to focus on cost and convenience than other demographic groups. Therefore, they tend to look for homes near their jobs because they want a practical home location. Since downtown San Diego is filled with a lot of commercial areas that offer jobs ranging from finance to construction, it allows millennials to easily get a home near the area they would like to work in. Many love the idea of cutting down on their commute and living near an area where they can expand their career.

2. Nearby Nightlife

Millennials tend to prefer areas with entertainment options open in the evening because it allows them to relax and unwind after a hard day of work without having to leave their neighborhood. Downtown San Diego has many neighborhoods, such as the Gaslamp District, that feature craft breweries, bars, clubs, and restaurants within walking distance of residential areas. For millennials who care about saving time and money, having entertainment right in their own neighborhood is a huge bonus.

3. Open Floor Plans

Areas like East Village in downtown San Diego are home to a lot of evolving areas with new apartments and converted warehouses. Most of these newer properties feature the open floor plans many millennials prefer. An open floor plan is a favorite of millennials because they can cook for guests or work in a home office without being shut away from the rest of the home in a tiny room. All of the lofts and roomy studios in the region are much more appealing to the younger people in the real estate market.

4. Good Walkability

Many millennials cite walkability as one of the major appealing factors of a neighborhood. This generation is interested in spending more time outdoors, saving on transportation, and choosing environmentally-friendly practices. Downtown San Diego is one of the most walkable regions in Southern California due to the pedestrian-friendly environments in neighborhoods like Little Italy.

5. Historic Neighborhoods

Unlike baby boomers, millennials tend to prize historic and handcrafted items, so they would rather have a unique home in a neighborhood with a rich background instead of living in a suburb. Downtown San Diego an ideal location for millennials because it is filled with historic neighborhoods such as the Gaslamp Quarter.

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