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5 Reasons Retired Seniors Want to Live in San Diego

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Lifestyle with 0 Comments

San Diego isn’t just an incredible location for single millennials and growing families. It’s also ideal for many seniors, particularly those who are committed to maintaining active and exciting lifestyles all throughout their golden years, as well as those thinking about purchasing condos, penthouses, and lofts in 92101. Following are 5 reasons to target this city when mapping out your retirement plans.

1. Tons of Fun Things to Do

People of all ages can find something interesting to do in San Diego. However, an extra effort is made to accommodate the aging demographic in this region. There are many retirement communities to choose from as well as numerous senior centers and city-sponsored senior activities. There’s even a local nonprofit agency that offers a low-cost dial-a-ride service for seniors who no longer retain their driving privileges. Between the USS Midway Museum, SeaWorld, and the San Diego Zoo, seniors will find no shortage of nearby entertainment.

2. Unbeatable Weather

San Diego residents see few hot, humid days, thunderstorms, or hail. There are no hurricanes, no snow except for the mountains, and tornadoes are almost unheard of. For aging adults, this means not having to worry about slipping on ice, shoveling snow, or extensive cleanup after a big storm. The nice weather also means seniors can socialize and engage in outdoor physical exercise nearly every day of the year. Best of all, with fewer rainy days and less humidity in the air, there are also fewer insects to contend with.

3. Something for Every Lifestyle

Seniors who want quiet and quaint living environments can find small-sized living spaces near dog parks, golf courses, and other outdoor features, while those who like live music, theater, and colorful nights out on the town can find a diverse array of venues that support their interests.

4. Numerous Volunteer Opportunities

Locals who are passionate about shaping their communities can easily find ways to take part in volunteering. Not only does this give seniors an interesting and challenging way to stay active, but it also allows them to have more control over the current and future states of their living environments.

5. A Vibrant and Prosperous Economy

San Diego is well known for its robust economy and ample job market, which makes it an ideal location for active retirees who wish to continue working post-retirement. In addition to supplementing a fixed income, this is also a great way to keep the mind sharp, preserve social and professional skills, and maintain a lively social life. New tech companies are regularly popping up in this area, making way for designers, coders, and other IT professionals who want part-time employment with little hassle. Coffee shops and other local businesses are abound as well, making it easy to find both work and a diverse array of comfortable, entertaining establishments where seniors can enjoy their downtime.

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