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Advantages of Purchasing a San Diego Urban Property

By Mike in Urban Living with 0 Comments

San Diego is no stranger to reality television programming, and in 2019, there’s yet another series featuring America’s Finest City as the backdrop. The first episode of Hot Properties: San Diego aired on the HGTV network in October, and it features everything from equestrian ranches to spectacular beachfront mansions. According to the show’s episode guide, condos will also be showcased during the series, which will emphasize remodeling, staging, and setting up extravagant open houses for prospective buyers. It’s not surprising to see San Diego selected as a location for a real estate-themed show. After all, it’s one of the most attractive housing markets in the nation, particularly when you look at everything the downtown districts have to offer.

Smart homebuyers know every purchase transaction is an investment opportunity as long as certain advantages are present. Here are a few reasons urban penthouses, condos, and lofts in downtown San Diego are great investments.

San Diego Is Always in Demand

Job growth in San Diego has been higher than the national average over the last few years, particularly in the technology sector, and this trend is expected to continue thanks to economic initiatives such as the Guadalajara-San Diego tech corridor. People will continue to relocate here as long as there are lucrative business and employment opportunities, and they’re more likely to consider moving into downtown condos because they offer greater convenience. When you look at the costs of maintaining single-family homes in gated communities managed under homeowners association regimes, a nice condo or loft makes more financial sense. If you intend to buy a property and sell it for a profit later, you won’t have to worry about downtown San Diego running out of buyers.

Downtown Sellers Tend to Be More Motivated

While there are a few condo owners who hold on to their properties longer than others, the downtown San Diego housing market is pretty dynamic. Many homeowners prefer to sell quickly because of personal reasons, such as moving to other cities where they’ve landed higher-paying jobs. For this reason, you’ll see that listings tend to be reasonably competitive. Urban dwellers tend to be people on the go, which often results in greater motivation when selling.

Greater Security

San Diego has one of the lowest crime rates in the nation, and many condominiums offer greater security in terms of guards posted at entrances, surveillance systems, alarms, and underground parking garages that are frequently patrolled.

Incredible Amenities

The current development trend in downtown San Diego is focused on providing the most unique and enticing amenities for condo owners and their guests. Simple fitness centers and courtyards are no longer enough. In 2019, buyers are being lured by rooftop swimming pools, yoga studios, spas, wine cellars, concierge services, free access to fiber optic broadband, bike storage areas, and fire pits.

When you’re considering buying San Diego real estate, downtown is the place to look if you want the excitement, variety, and convenience of urban living. Trust the experienced real estate agents at 92101 Urban Living to help you find the downtown home that’s just right for you. Give one of our team members a call today at 619-649-0368.