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6 Motivations for Downsizing Prior to Moving into a Condominium

By Mike in Moving Tips with 0 Comments

For many people who are used to living in single-family residences, moving into a condominium unit requires a process of change and adjustment. Some aspects of condominium life are easy to get accustomed to right away. In the case of downtown San Diego condos, the convenience of living where just about everything is within walking distance doesn’t require much adjustment at all. With regard to going from a large home to a small condo or loft, the impact can be more drastic, and the best way to handle it is by planning ahead. Downsizing is something we can all get used to, but it’s better to do it with some anticipation.

1. Lessen Sentimental Shock

Older adults who decide smaller will be better for their lives should avoid surprises related to letting go of stuff. It’s better to get an early start on sorting out the furniture and personal items that won’t make the move. Trying to rush this process at the last minute will only make things worse.

2. Get Used to Storage Space

Whether you ask relatives to donate garage space or you rent a commercial storage locker, you should get this aspect of moving out of the way before settling into your condo. The key is to become familiar with the process of getting to the storage space and the best times for doing so.

3. Adopt a Minimalist Philosophy

Japanese lifestyle consultant Marie Kondo has become a popular personality in the field of minimalism, which involves a lot more than just getting rid of clutter around the house. Marie Kondo has published four books and created a Netflix series explaining how many Japanese families have chosen to live with less. Evaluating her advice before moving is highly recommended. It may give you a sense of excitement and possibility about making a fresh start in your new home.

4. Enjoy Time to Explore the Neighborhood

Downsizing prior to moving allows you to grab the keys and head out into the neighborhood from the first day. You don’t want to come back from the local cafe to a cluttered condo if you can avoid it.

5. Get the Best Prices for Your Personal Items

Last-minute garage sales are often losing propositions because buyers will invariably sense your desperation to sell everything quickly, thus allowing them to walk away with real bargains. It’s better to classify items that won’t make the move a few weeks ahead, as this lets you assign sales prices within acceptable ranges.

6. Arrive with Cash on Hand

When you give yourself enough time to sell your unwanted items, plan moving expenses, and pay the final utility bills for your old home, you may find it easier to put some money away, which you’ll certainly need when you’re settled into your condo.

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