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5 Motivations for Taking Your Children to Visit The New Children’s Museum

By Mike in Things to Do in downtown San Diego with 0 Comments

Since 1983, the San Diego Children’s Museum has been a favorite destination for children’s field trips and outings. When it moved downtown and reopened as The New Children’s Museum in 2008, it was able to reach an even wider audience with all its great exhibits. Here are five great things you and your family can experience when you take a trip to the New Children’s Museum, brought to you by 92101 Urban Living, the experts on lifestyle and real estate in downtown San Diego.

1. Bolster Hands-On Art Appreciation

One of the major things that sets The New Children’s Museum apart from all the other great museums in San Diego is its hands-on approach. The majority of the exhibits encourage children to touch and play with the installations, which helps them become more engaged with the art and see culture as something to explore and appreciate instead of something that can only be admired from afar.

2. Take Part in a Program

Throughout the year, The New Children’s Museum hosts regular camp events for local kids. If your children are between the ages of four and twelve, they can take part in enriching activities through the museum. Younger children can join the various toddler times to interact with their peers and explore the museum’s toddler-friendly programming. With opportunities to be trained by professional artists, play with their peers, and take part in creative games, The New Children’s Museum programs promote innovation and imagination.

3. Get in Touch with Your Family’s Creative Side

When you and your family visit the museum, you can do more than just witness the other exhibits. The New Children’s Museum also includes a lot of fun classes where children can create their own art. Whether your child already plans to be an artist or never bothers to pick up a crayon, The New Children’s Museum can inspire and bolster artistic ability.

4. Make Educational Topics Fun

The New Children’s Museum is about more than just art and creativity. They also partner with educators to help children learn about all sorts of topics, ranging from science to history. The museum is constantly changing its exhibits, so each time your family visits, you have the chance to learn new and exciting things, which can be a great way to supplement your children’s education and ensure they keep their brains busy during summer breaks.

5. Explore the Marina Neighborhood

Visiting The New Children’s Museum is a fun outing that keeps on going even after you leave the building. Situated right by downtown, there are all sorts of incredible places to visit. Those who have a museum admission receipt can enjoy discounted meals at many of the fantastic local restaurants. There are also some great educational and entertaining things nearby, such as the library, Petco Park, and the USS Midway Museum, so you can turn a museum trip into a family excursion that lasts all day.

When you’re looking for fun ways to spend a day with the family in America’s Finest City, make sure to put The New Children’s Museum at the top of your list. If you already love the area and you’re looking for a downtown San Diego condo, reach out to the experienced professionals at 92101 Urban Living. We can help you find your dream home in a neighborhood that’s perfect for your whole family. Give us a call today at 619-649-0368.