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The Importance of Walk Score When Buying Real Estate

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate with 0 Comments

Downtown San Diego Walk Scores

A walk score determines how easily you can get around your neighborhood, access services, and run errands without the use of a car. It is a measurement that is commonly used in real estate to refer to the pedestrian friendliness of a neighborhood in respect to the distance to shopping, schools, public transit, and other basic amenities.

A walk score between 70 and 100 means you can essentially commute on foot with only a few or no errands requiring a car. Downtown San Diego has a walk score of 98. If you’re thinking about buying real estate Downtown San Diego, it’s important to know why walkability matters.

1. The Environmentally-Friendly Factor

People looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint can start by moving to a neighborhood with a high walkability score, like Columbia District Downtown San Diego. A high walk score means less driving, and less driving directly translates to less CO2 emissions.

2. Overall Health and Wellness

Studies show people who live in neighborhoods with a high walkability score weigh six to 10 pounds less than those who don’t. A higher walk score also influences the amount of time a resident spends in their community. A study by Sightline Institute found a person’s community participation dropped by 10% for every 10 minutes spent in a car during his or her daily commute.

3. Fewer Expenses, More Value

CEOs for Cities published a study that found a higher walk score decreased automotive-related expenses and increased property value. Driving less directly correlates to less money spent on gas, lower insurance rates, less maintenance, and, depending on where you live, possibly giving up a vehicle all together. At the same time, the study found that one point of walk score is worth as much as $3,000 in home value.

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