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Why Are The World’s Ultra Rich Investing In Real Estate?

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate with 0 Comments

Investing in Real EstateA recent article in the Sacramento Bee shares some insight into the world’s “Ultra Rich” and their investment portfolios.

The article shows a steady progression of ultra rich investors moving away from stocks and bonds, and focus more on investing in Real Estate. Privately owned real estate now makes up about 20% of the wealthy investors portfolios. The graph below gives a breakdown of where the “global regions” are investing their wealth.


UHNWIsby world region % of total world private wealth Total private wealth US$bn % of wealth held in real estate Real estate wealth by region US$bn
Europe 28% $7,675 31% $2,391
Asia 24% $6,590 27% $1,800
Middle East 3% $880 26% $231
Oceania 2% $485 16% $79
Africa 1% $350 10% $37
Latin America 8% $2,110 7% $157
North America 35% $9,680 7% $633
World Total 100% $27,770 19% $5,328

So what do you think? Are the world’s wealthiest on to something? Is now the time to point your portfolio in the “Real Estate” Direction? ')}