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How to Write a Real Estate Listing That Attracts Buyers

By Mike in Selling Tips with 0 Comments

The listing for your condo in downtown San Diego could easily be the first thing potential buyers see, so you want to make sure you’re making a good impression. Here are a few ways to write the perfect listing.

Be Honest

Don’t bury less attractive details hoping people won’t find out. They will, and they will be upset you weren’t upfront from the get go. Include details about the neighborhood as well as the building, not just your unit.

Be Specific

It’s all in the details. If you have quartz countertops, state that. Don’t just say updated kitchen. If you have eco-friendly bamboo wood floors, don’t shortchange yourself by just listing “wood floors.” This is how you will set your place apart from all the other Marina District condos or lofts on the market.

Be a Resource

There’s always a lot to do in downtown neighborhoods, that’s why people move here. List some of your favorite local cafes, restaurants, nightlife, etc. It will help people imagine living in your neighborhood and can be the tipping point if they are on the fence.

Highlight Improvements

Everyone wants a nice and updated living space. If you’ve made significant upgrades, remodeled a bathroom, turned the master into a luxurious retreat, those are all details you should include in the listing. It also means buyers will have less work to do themselves once they move in.

Don’t Forget the Outdoor Space

In downtown, outdoor space is limited. Be sure to highlight the great patio you have or the big balcony where you can easily fit a nice set of furniture and enjoy the wonderful San Diego weather.

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