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Steps to Take If Your Condo Unit Floods

After Hurricane Harvey in August 2017, insurance companies in Texas prepared for a flood of claims from homeowners whose properties were affected by water damage. Insurers estimated millions of dollars would be paid this year due to the heavy rainfall brought by this hurricane, which doused single-family residences and condos alike. If you are the… Read More

5 Green Renovations You Can Make to a Penthouse

If you are the owner of one of the many amazing penthouses in downtown San Diego, take comfort in knowing your property is among the most desirable in Southern California. To protect your investment and boost the value of your penthouse even more, you may want to consider green renovation projects and improvements. In the… Read More

How to Make Sure Your Loft Is Up to Code

A loft can be an excellent use of space that makes it possible to live in unique buildings. However, this can also lead to some challenges for the property owner. There are generally laws that all lofts in 92101 must follow if they want to fulfill the requirements for being used as a place of… Read More

7 Home Décor Styles for a Condominium

Downtown San Diego condo owners have been feeling confident about real estate market conditions over the last couple of years. Demand from prospective buyers has been fantastic, and in 2017 a downtown San Diego condo property will sell quickly at high prices even if it is not the most attractive one on the market. However,… Read More

5 Awesome Pet Stores in Downtown San Diego

With great weather, sunny beaches, and plenty of green space, San Diego is an ideal place for any pet owner. Many downtown areas are noticeably lacking in amenities for dog and cat owners, but you won’t find this problem in downtown San Diego. If you own real estate in Gaslamp Quarter or another part of… Read More

Which Smart Home Devices Should You Get for Your Condo?

Smart homes and smart condos are the hottest residential improvement trends of 2017. If you’re one of the people who are lucky enough to live in 92101 condos, you already have a smart home automation advantage because you only have to worry about the interior. Likewise, condo rules will steer you toward wireless options and… Read More

What Home Improvements Aren’t Worth the Trouble?

If you own real estate in Core San Diego, there are plenty of home renovations that can pay off big by dramatically enhancing (or even expanding) your space as well as increasing your home’s value. With certain projects, you are practically throwing money away. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t make improvements you will enjoy… Read More

5 Tips for Making Money When Renting Out a Condo

A lot of people new to the real estate business think renting out properties will be an easy source of income. However, you may have difficulty making money on your investment if you manage the property incorrectly. If you own condos in Marina San Diego or another neighborhood in downtown, follow these five tips to… Read More

Installing Baseboards: A DIY Guide

Condos and lofts in Core San Diego will be missing something aesthetically if they don’t have baseboards along the walls. If the home you’ve purchased has old trim or no trim at all, you may decide to install it yourself.  Installing baseboard molding is a somewhat simple DIY project to enhance the look of your… Read More

6 Easy Home Projects You Can Knock Out in a Weekend

One of the advantages of living in a downtown San Diego condo is that you can greatly enhance the interior look of your unit with small and affordable weekend projects. From lighting to storage and decoration to home theater installations, there are quite a few things you can do on a Saturday and Sunday to… Read More