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How Is the Value of a Condo Determined?

Just as with other types of real estate, the value of a condo is determined by many factors. Of course, many of these factors are unique when it comes to condos and other homes with shared community space. Here’s what determines the value of 92101 condos for sale. Location Location is everything in real estate…. Read More

How to Host a Great Thanksgiving Get-Together in Your Loft

Despite what you may believe, it is possible to throw an awesome holiday dinner party even in small East Village San Diego lofts. Of course, hosting a large Thanksgiving dinner in a not-so-large space does require a bit of planning. Here are some of the best tips to pull off an unforgettable holiday get-together without… Read More

The Secrets to Painting Walls Like a Pro

Interior painting is one of the most immediate and effective methods to transform a living space and give it a whole new look. To make the most out of this interior decorating task, you should take it upon yourself to complete it. Many people who purchase lofts in Cortez Hill San Diego love to paint… Read More

5 Creative Design Ideas for a Fireplace

For people who own lofts, penthouses, or condos in Marina San Diego, having a fireplace can be a great advantage in terms of interior decoration and being able to express personal style. Although your fireplace may not get as much use in San Diego as it would in cities where it gets much colder in… Read More

Strategies for Maximizing Your Kitchen Pantry Space

When asked, most people who live in condos or lofts in Core San Diego agree the kitchen pantry can easily become a disorganized jumble of foodstuffs, small appliances, and anything else that fits. The trick to organizing is to first decide what you want to store in your pantry. Once you’ve made that decision, you… Read More

6 Steps to Creating Feng Shui in a Home

Feng shui, which means “wind and water,” is an ancient Chinese art of placement designed to enhance the flow of energy in your home for greater harmony and happiness. Feng shui has been practiced for more than 3,000 years, and it offers practical tips that can declutter your life and make you feel more at… Read More

Easy Storage Solutions for a Kitchen Island

If your home is like most homes, your kitchen is one of the most cluttered spaces. It’s easy for kitchen drawers and cabinets to become overstuffed with gadgets, utensils, and cookware, some of which you rarely even use. A kitchen island can quickly become ground zero for clutter if you aren’t careful. To maximize prep… Read More

5 Easy Home Improvements That Pay Off

Whether you are about to sell your real estate in Gaslamp or plan on staying for a while longer, it is always nice to add value to your home. To boost your property’s value, you do not have to spend a lot of time and effort changing everything. A few simple home improvement projects can… Read More

Steps to Take If Your Condo Unit Floods

After Hurricane Harvey in August 2017, insurance companies in Texas prepared for a flood of claims from homeowners whose properties were affected by water damage. Insurers estimated millions of dollars would be paid this year due to the heavy rainfall brought by this hurricane, which doused single-family residences and condos alike. If you are the… Read More

5 Green Renovations You Can Make to a Penthouse

If you are the owner of one of the many amazing penthouses in downtown San Diego, take comfort in knowing your property is among the most desirable in Southern California. To protect your investment and boost the value of your penthouse even more, you may want to consider green renovation projects and improvements. In the… Read More