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bankers-hill-homes.jpgWhen I think of Downtown San Diego neighborhoods, Little Italy, East Village, The Marina, and The Gaslamp come to mind. Often times it’s easy to forget that Bankers Hill falls into our 92101 zip code. Maybe it seems a little removed from the other closely knit neighborhoods but it’s a neighborhood to be explored, that’s for sure.

Let me start off by saying if you haven’t been to Bankers Hill Bar and Restaurant you must go. Now. But that’s not the only adventure you should take when exploring this very hip and historic neighborhood. It’s the houses. Oh, the houses. There are some incredible homes where once lived the wealthy bankers of downtown-hence the name Bankers Hill. Downtown San Diego living is more than just condos, lofts and high rises. It has homes, historic homes at that, and they should be seen by you because they are gorgeous.

March 17-18 is Historic Home Tour Weekend featuring The Great Architects of Bankers Hill. If you are an architecture buff, Saturday involves lectures and a reception. Sunday the historic tour begins. Tickets cost $40 unless you are a member of SOHO in which you pay $30. For more information go to SOHOsandiego.org or call 619-297-9327.

Living in Downtown San Diego is filled with great experiences and this is one of them. Get to know a neighborhood that is easily forgotten as a part of our very own great city. ')}