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Downtown San Diego Quiet Zone Update

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle|July 2011 with 0 Comments

Downtown San Diego Quiet Zone UpdateI am sure you have noticed the construction going on around all the train intersections in Downtown San Diego. As a Downtown San Diego Condo homeowner I have been eager to follow the process of the Quiet Zone Project.

As we all have waited for the reduction of the train horn blast…the wait may soon be over. On July 10th beginning at 6 am until 1pm safety tests will be performed to make sure the newly installed equipment functions work properly. At this same time, a test train will make 8 round trips from Old Town through Downtown.

As a requirement form the Federal Railroad Administration, the test train’s horn must sound as it approaches each crossing but they say they will complete the testing as quickly as possible, knowing that noise now is in the name of a quieter tomorrow.

For more information about the Quiet Zone, visit CCDC or San Diego Quiet Zone. For specific information about traffic impacts on downtown construction projects or special events, visit Paradise in Progress. ')}