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Electric Cars in Downtown San DiegoWhen I was a kid, I figured out by the time I was able to drive…that I would be driving around in a flying car. Well, I have been driving for quite some time now and I’m still driving on dry land. One thing that has become more and more popular especially for Downtown San Diego Condo and Loft home owners and residents are…Electric Cars!

These cars don’t necessarily fly around but they do run on electricity. No pollution, smog, hot stinky cars and cheap transportation sounds good to me. Who wouldn’t mind not having to go to the pump and forking up over $40, $50 or even more than that every time you had to put some gas in the car? I know I wouldn’t.

The charging stations that are installed in Balboa Park right now are free but when charging stations are installed throughout the San Diego County…you can expect the price per charging hour to be right around $2.50 per hour. Get this…one of SDG&E’s goals in this movement is to have a card that you swipe at the stations and the cost of the charge goes directly to your electricity bill. Pretty clever!

Mayor Jerry Sanders says “1000 charging stations will be installed by Fall of 2011″. Lets keep our eyes on this and see how fast this becomes popular with the Downtown San Diego residents.

For more information click on Port of San Diego’s article Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Coming to San Diego Bay.