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Home First, Inc - Loan Modifications Questions - Tutorial 1 -

Home First, Inc – Loan Modifications Questions – Tutorial 1

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Home First, Inc - Loan Modifications Questions - Tutorial 1

Home First is an industry recognized loan modification and short sale negotiations consulting firm and they are more than happy to help you with any questions you might have in regards to your Loan Modification.

  • Can I do “Loan Modification” myself?

Modification are done by homeowners all the time. The problem is that the term “modification” can mean anything from changing the interest rate by .5%, adding delinquent payments to your loan balance, or changing your payments by a few dollars. The goal for most homeowners when attempting to modify is to get into a payment that makes financial sense for them to stay in the home long term. When dealing with such a huge financial responisbility, you want to make sure that you are working with someone who will make your first and only attempt at this a succesful one with results that are worth your efforts.

  • Why should I use Home First’s services?

Home First has been successfully negotiating loss mitigation for homeowners for over three years, well before every loan officer, lawyer, debt collector and used car salesman decided to advertise their services on Craigslist. They have negotiated over 1,500 loans and saved their clients in excess of $10,000,000. They have spent years learning what not only the guidelines are for the various investors, but where the limits are, what works and what doesnt. They have been involved in this industry from the beginning, and their relationships in the Loss Mitigation Departments at the banks is unrivaled. Their clients benefit from both Home First’s expertise and their relationships. In short, even though the modification process is neither quick nor easy, they can get your modification done quicker and easier than you can, and you are assured of getting the best result possible. The cost of a failed loan modification is simply too great for most responsible homeowners to leave in the hands of rookies.

Dont wait! Contact Matthew C. Scott at 858-581-6648, e-mail MScott@Home-1st.com or fill out a contact information form online here.

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