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Strolling along the North Embarcadero Water Front is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable things to do while in Downtown San Diego. This stretch of walking path extends all the way up to Harbor and Shelter Islands. On the half mile stretch of Harbor Blvd. between The Cruise Ship Terminal and Hawthorne Blvd., you may have noticed very unique art projects in the form of Urban Trees. This exhibit is actually 31 uniquely designed sculptural projects awarded to some of the best local artists that San Diego has to offer. Here is a quote taken directly from The Port of San Diego website: Artists were invited to apply their creative energies to the design of artistic trees to add color, form, interest and fun to the waterfront. This project actually represents Urban Tree Exhibit 5, and is part of the Port of San Diegos commitment to their Public Art Program along the San Diego waterfront. This project allows both tourists and locals alike to have unique experiences through art as you enjoy the Bay and Waterfront all at the same time. A couple of weeks ago we did a blog about this project in general. Please use the link to review The Port of San Diego Public Art Video and the really interesting video that accompanies it.
The following link showcases information about this current exhibit of URBAN TREES. It has beautiful representations of the trees themselves, and information about the artists who created them.
The following two links are of articles from The Port of San Diego website that give more detailed information about the project, and the unveiling ceremony that took place a couple of weeks ago: New Season of Urban Trees Coming Soon to the North Embarcadero, and Urban Trees 5 Unveiled. This is such a unique experience to living and/or visiting Downtown San Diego. I encourage everyone to have their own wonderful experience. Should you take me up on my advice, we would love to hear about it with comments. What was your favorite Tree? I know mine.