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5 Things to Get Rid of in Your Home This Fall

By Mike in Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments

In San Diego, we are lucky enough to enjoy summer for a little longer than just about everyone else in the country. As fall takes over, make the most of this and do a thorough inventory of what you need and get rid of what you don’t. At 92101 Urban Living, we’ve made a list of things to toss to get you started.

1. Beat Up Summer Clothes

Old bathing suits, T-shirts stained from the cranberry vodka incident in the summer, and flip flops with no padding left should all go. Winter is coming and these things are taking up good space in your closet.

2. Trashed Beach Towels

Similarly, beat-up beach towels should also go. Instead of just throwing them out, donate them to an animal shelter. You can also keep one and cut it up to line a dog cage, bathe your pooch, or clean up any serious messes.

3. Old Food

Smell something every time you open the fridge? Throw out everything that’s gone bad. Also take the time to toss out condiments and spices you don’t use. When will you actually need all those pickled vegetables? Besides, this frees up room for wintery items like cinnamon sticks and shelves of eggnog.

4. Party Decorations

Unless you shelled out big bucks for certain party items and you use them at every party (like one of those big glass beverage dispensers), toss them out. Or, you can host an all-themes party and put the mix of leftover decorations to good use.

5. Old Makeup

Aside from the fact you should be throwing out expired makeup anyway, how often do you really use the 27 shades of eyeshadow you have? If you worry you’ll need the electric purple for an 80s party one day, console yourself knowing it will be easy and cheap enough to replace. In the meantime, enjoy a cleaner and clutter-free space.

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