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6 Things You Need for the Perfect Bonfire

By Mike in Things to Do with 0 Comments

Beautiful beaches are a hallmark of San Diego, whether in the heat of summer or a cool winter. If you’re looking to get a real taste of San Diego living, enjoy a fun day in the sun followed by a cozy night around a bonfire. For those of you new to the area and not sure where to start, our friendly realtors in Downtown San Diego have put together this list of essentials for any bonfire.

1. Bonfire Basics

A proper fire will require dry wood and newspaper to start, along with matches or a lighter. You might also bring a little lighter fluid to get things going, just in case.

2. Simple Seating

Sitting directly on the sand is certainly an option, but not a very popular one. Bring comfortable beach chairs and large blankets. If you bring a cooler with food and drinks, this can also double as a bench.

3. Beverages and Food

Speaking of, glass and alcohol aren’t allowed on the beaches. While this isn’t always or often enforced, if you are going to bring booze, don’t bring glass and keep your bonfire small and ruly. Don’t forget easy-to-eat foods like hamburgers and hot dogs. Bring classic s’mores ingredients, too, but kick things up a notch by using chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies for the graham crackers and bringing extras like peanut butter or caramel sauce.

4. Beach Activities

Add extra fun to the bonfire gathering by bringing games like Catch Phrase along with a volleyball and Frisbee. When the sun goes down, glow in the dark beach balls can keep everyone active even after sundown.

5. Practical Additions

A first aid kit can head off small problems before they develop into bigger complications. An extra jacket or two can prove useful if someone else doesn’t come prepared, and a container of baby powder can be valuable in helping to get stubborn sand off of skin.

6. Trash Receptacle

Bring trash bags or a large tote to use as a communal garbage to make cleanup easier when departing. The beach area should look as good (or better) as it did upon arrival.

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