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Are You a Condo Person or a Penthouse Person?

For many people, San Diego penthouses downtown are the ultimate symbol of luxury. Being able to live on the highest floor of a condo does come with some great advantages, but it’s not always an ideal option. Regular condos at other levels of a building also have many benefits. When deciding between a typical condo… Read More

7 Benefits of Buying a Condo When You’re Young

Buying a house can be a daunting task, especially for those who are looking for their first home. One option is to look for a condo instead of a single-family house. There are seven main reasons buying a condo in downtown San Diego may be a smart move for younger individuals who are more mobile… Read More

5 Warning Signs You Might Be Outgrowing Your Loft

All the open space and roomy ceilings can make it fun to live in San Diego lofts downtown, but as you grow up and accumulate more belongings, loft living can change from a trendy experiment to a frustrating reality. All of those lofty ceilings result in high heating costs, and you may miss the lack… Read More

7 Tips for People Who Own Condos without Laundry Units

When thinking about buying a condo in downtown San Diego, many potential owners worry that life will become inconvenient if their home does not have a washer and dryer. However, laundry is quite easy to manage even if your condo does not have these appliances, and the lack of a washer and dryer frees up… Read More

Should You Buy a House in a Bad Neighborhood?

If you want to live in a neighborhood you consider “nice,” chances are you’ll have to pay a lot more for it than other neighborhoods. Some argue houses in less desirable neighborhoods not only save money but bring up values if the neighborhood is up-and-coming. If you’re looking for real estate for sale in downtown… Read More

San Diego Restaurant Is Right Around the Corner

Our Downtown San Diego real estate agents are, without a doubt, foodies through and through, which is why they are so excited that San Diego Restaurant Week is right around the corner! The week of January 17-24, 2016, is one local foodies have been drooling over since the last restaurant week came to a close… Read More