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7 Tips for People Who Own Condos without Laundry Units

When thinking about buying a condo in downtown San Diego, many potential owners worry that life will become inconvenient if their home does not have a washer and dryer. However, laundry is quite easy to manage even if your condo does not have these appliances, and the lack of a washer and dryer frees up… Read More

Should You Buy a House in a Bad Neighborhood?

If you want to live in a neighborhood you consider “nice,” chances are you’ll have to pay a lot more for it than other neighborhoods. Some argue houses in less desirable neighborhoods not only save money but bring up values if the neighborhood is up-and-coming. If you’re looking for real estate for sale in downtown… Read More

San Diego Restaurant Is Right Around the Corner

Our Downtown San Diego real estate agents are, without a doubt, foodies through and through, which is why they are so excited that San Diego Restaurant Week is right around the corner! The week of January 17-24, 2016, is one local foodies have been drooling over since the last restaurant week came to a close… Read More