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San Diego International Airport Makeover’s Best Bet – California Pizza Kitchen

By Mike in April 2011|Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments

San Diego International Airport Makeovers Best Bet - California Pizza KitchenThe longtime contract with HMS Host which currently controls most of the concessions at The San Diego International Airport in Downtown San Diego expires in November 2012. The current airport improvement project will expand the concession space by 41%, and the expectation is that a badly needed upgrade in the amount and quality of the concessions will be forthcoming.

Presently one of the best bets at the Airport is California Pizza Kitchen to-go at the Home Turf Sports Bar located at the Terminal 2 West. The attraction also offers comfortable rocking chairs. This is in sharp contrast to the experiences offered at Terminal One, home of the frequently flied Southwest Airlines. Terminal One currently has a Baja Fresh and a La Salsa in the food court. There are many Starbucks throughout the airport, and they are the most crowded of all the facilities. So with the future 41% expansion of concession space, the hope and expectation is that new and upgraded stores and restaurants will be forthcoming.

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